2. A few shots from The Morgan Memorial Hall of Gems exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. 

  3. nychealth:

    Friday, June 27 is National HIV Testing Day

    Man or woman, gay or straight, young or old, everybody needs an HIV test. NYC Health is recognizing National HIV Testing Day by recommending that all New Yorkers Take Control and Take the Test!

    FREE HIV testing will be offered this week at the following locations:

    Reblogging my awesome .gif. HIV Testing Locations: Read More. 

  4. Another Manhattanhenge photo — thanks to the amnhnyc blog for the reminder, otherwise I would have missed it again! 

  5. Manhattanhenge 2014. 

    I had more fun taking photos of people taking photos than I did trying to get shots of the sun. 

  6. Someone gets a small coffee from a bodega and perches it on this ledge in Chelsea every day, I’m sure.

  7. More pictures of snow, taken in January — five second exposure.

    This spot is about half a block away from my house. I walked another two blocks, dragging the tripod around with me in six inches of snow, before turning around and going home. 

  8. It reached over 70 degrees today in New York, which reminded me that I never posted my post-snowstorm photos. 

  9. Fog covers the LIRR platform at Kew Gardens.


  10. Anonymous said: Would you consider doing a top 5 or 10 . of you favorite food carts. With all photo documentation of the cart and what you got?


    I don’t usually take pictures of the *food* I get at food carts, but there’s no reason I can’t. Here’s a pic I took over the summer at a food cart at a music festival. I don’t remember what the cart was called, but the food was delicious. 


  11. The carousel in Bryant Park.

  12. What a lucky cat.

  13. rescuepetsareawesome:

    This is Bunny. I adopted her in 2009 after she was rescued by the lovely folks at Long Island Rabbit Rescue. Apparently she was thrown out of a car! Hard to believe that could happen to such a sweet bun. She has been bringing me joy since then — even if she is a bit camera shy. 

    Shamelessly reblogging my bunny. 

  14. Another holiday .gif, taken in Bryant Park.

  15. Holiday lights in Bryant Park.